Very Merry Cookie Wreath

Very Merry Cookie Wreath
Recipe Info - Skill Level
Recipe Info - Serving Size
20 servings
Recipe Info - Prep Time
45 min
Recipe Info - Cook Time
10 min
Very Merry Cookie Wreath is a fantastic and fun holiday project for kids! This recipe creates a life-sized chocolate chip cookie wreath. Everyone can get involved with decorating by adding frosting, candy and your choice of sweet confections. You’ve never had a center piece that tasted this great!


Make It

Step 1

Cover 14 x 17-inch piece of cardboard in foil or parchment paper or have large flat platter available.

Step 2

Prepare cookies following package directions. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes. Remove to wire rack to cool completely.

Step 3

Combine frosting and food coloring in small bowl to shade of green desired.

Step 4

Spread heaping teaspoons of frosting on flat sides of cookies.

Step 5

Arrange 15 cookies on the prepared cardboard or platter in a 12-inch circle to form outer ring of wreath.

Step 6

Arrange 12 cookies inside the outer ring of cookies, forming inside ring of wreath. Adhered cookies can be moved to create more space.

Step 7

Arrange remaining 13 cookies on base ring for a second layer.

Step 8

Decorate with remaining frosting, morsels, candies, sprinkles and sugars as desired. Attach bow to top of wreath.

Step 9

Cut four 5-inch strips from fruit snack roll. Peel off paper backing. Cut a small “V” on end of two strips. Form loops with remaining two strips; pinch ends together. Place loops on top of strips. Pinch all together to make bow!


• For easier decorating, 1 cup of icing can be spooned into resealable, heavy-duty plastic bag; seal. Cut small corner of bag. Squeeze bag to use. Fill with additional icing as needed. Store any leftover icing covered in refrigerator for up to 30 days. • Cookies can also be made into a tree, initials or any other shape desired.


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