One Sweet Tale

We’ve been helping you make memories for more than 75 years. Here’s how it all started.


Circular image of vibrant yellow and brown vintage NESTLE Semi-Sweet Chocolate packaging.

A True Original

At the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, Ruth Wakefield cuts up a NESTLÉ Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar and adds the bits to her cookie recipe. They didn’t melt, they just softened, and the rest is cookie history.


Circular image of a vintage NESTLE TOLL HOUSE ad showing a man smiling before a pan of fresh baked cookies.

Cheering Up the Troops

During World War II, bakers in the U.S. made and sent treats including NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE chocolate chip cookies off to soldiers overseas to lift their spirits and give them a taste of home.


Close up circular image of two chocolate chip cookies stacked beside morsels.

Morsel Mania

We introduced convenient Toll House Cookie Mix—with Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels right in the mix, so that bakers could make Toll House cookies perfectly every time.


Circular image of a hand sprinkling cookie dough crumbs onto frosting beside a package of refrigerated cookie dough

Rethinking a Family Favorite

Our innovation doesn't stop with ingredients. In the 1960s, we came up with a quicker way to enjoy scratch-made taste: the pan cookie. This recipe made it easier than ever to share love through baking.


Circular image of a spatula on a pan with cookie dough spread out.

Our New Take on Fresh-Baked

Pan cookies were great, but in the 90's we realized we could offer bakers an easier way to enjoy NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE with Refrigerated Cookie Dough. Since then this innovative cookie dough has spread joy to millions of cookie fans.

Fun Facts

Yellow shape of the state of Massachusetts with a gooey chocolate chip cookie in front of it.

Official State Cookie

Massachusetts officially recognized the chocolate chip cookie as an official state cookie.

Chocolate chip cookie.

America’s Fave

Americans prefer chocolate chip cookies 3:1 over any other cookie according to Impulse Research 2014 survey Downtown Cookie Co.

Inspired Ingredients

Classics to trending. Made from scratch or quick hack. How will you use our quality?

Supporting Farmers

Our Nestle Cocoa Plan improves the lives of our cocoa farmers and inturn the quality of the products they produce.