Milk Chocolate Panna Cotta with Pistachio Sauce

Milk Chocolate Panna Cotta with Pistachio Sauce
Recipe Info - Skill Level
Recipe Info - Serving Size
6 servings
Recipe Info - Prep Time
10 min
Recipe Info - Cook Time
10 min
Panna Cotta, or “cooked cream” in Italian, is a silky, eggless custard. Typically flavored with caramel, this version is flavored with our milk chocolate morsels. Waiting for them to chill is the hardest part! The pistachio sauce is really easy to make and adds an elegant flourish to this dessert.


Make It

Step 1

Spray six custard cups with nonstick cooking spray.

Step 2

Sprinkle gelatin over 1/4 cup milk in small bowl; let stand for 2 to 3 minutes to soften gelatin slightly.

Step 3

Whisk cream, remaining 1/2 cup milk and sugar in medium, heavy-duty saucepan; cook over medium-high heat, whisking constantly, until mixture just comes to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract. Whisk gelatin mixture into cream mixture until dissolved. Stir in morsels until melted.

Step 4

Pour mixture into prepared custard cups. Cover; refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours.

Step 5

Combine melted ice cream and pistachios in small bowl. Cover; refrigerate until ready to serve.

Step 6

To unmold, run a small knife around top rim of each ramekin, then dip 3/4 in hot water for about 30 to 40 seconds and pat dry. Place dessert plates over custard cups; invert and shake gently to loosen. (If panna cotta does not release, you may need to run small knife around top rim again. A darker layer on top of inverted panna cotta is okay!)

Step 7

Invert onto serving plates. Serve with Pistachio Sauce.


•This recipe can easily be doubled if more servings are needed (use 1 3/4 cups or 11.5-ounce package of NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Milk Chocolate Morsels). •Fresh fruit (such as pitted, halved cherries, raspberries, sliced strawberries, chopped orange or grapefruit ) can be served along with the panna cotta instead of the sauce. Or, the fresh fruit could be stirred into the melted ice cream as another variation of a sauce!


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