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Fruity S’Mores Bowls

Fruity S’Mores Bowls
5 min
1 min
2 servings
  • An impromptu, and deliciously fruity, late night snack won Melissa Q. a place in our Toll House Tales contest.
Key Ingredients
A bag of milk chocolate morsels with a purple label and a melty oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.
Morsels and Baking Ingredients
NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Milk Chocolate Morsels
34.5 oz.
Make It
Step 1
Preheat broiler.
Step 2
Place bowls on baking sheet. Sprinkle bottom of each waffle bowl with a few morsels. Place bowls under broiler for 15 to 30 seconds, just until morsels soften. (You can skip this step, but I always do this so the bottom layer of chocolate is melted.)
Step 3
Place a few banana slices in the bottom of each bowl, followed by a few strawberry slices and top with a few morsels. Repeat layers. Sprinkle marshmallows on top of each fruit-filled bowl.
Step 4
Broil for 30 seconds or just until the marshmallows turn golden brown. Watch carefully as browning occurs very fast! Eat as is, or topped with whipped topping.
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