Here's to baking a better world

We believe goodness begins with small acts of kindness. And that collectively, small acts of kindness can snowball into something powerful enough to make a real difference. Check out the sections below to see how we’re baking the world a better place.™

Bake the world a better place™ with us

We believe that baking can change the world one person at a time. Because baking isn’t just about ingredients, ovens and recipes. It’s about inspiration, self-expression and that spark of passion that can nourish a soul. This belief is why baking has always been in our DNA, and why we will always strive to inspire and empower people like you who share our passion. Because together we can Bake the world a better place™.

Ingredients for Inspiration

One of our favorite things about baking is that it gives anyone, no matter their personal style or skill level, a way to express themselves. We’re inspired by the creativity of others and are always on the lookout for baking trends and hacks we can share with our friends. Of course, we love to add our own tips and tricks, which is why we’ve been innovating in the kitchen ever since Ruth Wakefield’s delicious discovery of the chocolate chip cookie in 1938. From classic favorites to trending and sophisticated flavors, scratch-made to quick hacks, we’re proud to come up with the kinds of products and recipes that inspire you to get creative and share a little goodness with those you care about.

Baking in the kitchen

Supporting Our Farmers

We know that lasting change comes from our actions, not just our words. That’s why we’re leading by example. We’re committed to the NESTLÉ® Cocoa Plan®, which is helping improve the lives of cocoa farmers and the quality of their products.

Cocoa farmers

100 Days of Good

We’re also committed to creating lasting change here at home, and our 100 Days of Good is the latest example. We believe baking is one of the very best ways to do a bit of good for someone—and that one person really can change the world, one small act of goodness at a time. While we’ve always provided the best baking ingredients, recipes and tips, we challenged ourselves to think bigger. So we’ve inspired six passionate bakers to join us and bake some good for 100 days. We’ll supply the tools and ingredients they need to create something special to appreciate the under-appreciated, celebrate the big and the small, or simply say thank you.

We’re calling on you, our fellow bakers, to grab your mixing bowls and bake some good in your own community. Check out our page to see what we’re baking and who we’re baking for. Then let us know who you’re baking for and why, using #BakeSomeGood. Because baking some good is something we can all do, any day, to Bake the world a better place™.

Bake Some Good team

One Sweet Tale

For more than 75 years, we’ve been a part of bakers’ favorite recipes—and memories. You’ve trusted our quality ingredients to make your treats the best they can be, and in return, we’ve come up with some pretty delicious innovations to inspire the creations you share with those who mean the most to you. We’re excited about what the future holds and know that together with you, we’ll continue to Bake the world a better place™. Here’s a look back at how it all started.

A True Original

Many bakers have their own version of the chocolate chip cookie. And it all started back in the 1930s. Ruth Wakefield, co-owner of the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, cut up a NESTLÉ Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar and added the bits to her cookie recipe, expecting the chocolate to melt all through the cookie. When she opened the oven, she discovered the chocolate bits had only softened. Our NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® chocolate chip cookie was born!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cheering Up the Troops

During World War II, bakers in the U.S. sent treats like Toll House cookies off to their soldiers overseas. Such a simple way to bake some good, and we bet those heroes enjoyed every last bite.

World War II Cheer Mail clipping

Morsel Mania

As the chocolate chip cookie gained popularity, we came up with new ways to inspire our baking friends. First, we made it easier to bake up treats by introducing Semi-Sweet Morsels, so bakers wouldn’t have to chop up their chocolate. Then beginning in 1958, we started creating different morsel flavors so bakers could add a personalized twist to their favorite recipes. As baking trends evolved, we added Butterscotch, Milk Chocolate, Mini, Premier White, Dark Chocolate, special flavors like Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate, and even seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice.

Original Nestle's(R) Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Semi-Sweet morsels
Pumpkin Spice morsels

Rethinking a Family Favorite

Our innovations don’t stop with the ingredients we make. In the 1960s, we came up with a quicker way to enjoy scratch-made taste—the pan cookie. This type of cookie recipe may not have changed the world, but it made it easier than ever to bake some good, whether to welcome a new neighbor, congratulate a friend or wish a colleague a happy birthday.

Chocolate chip bar dough

Our New Take on Fresh‑Baked

By the 1990s, family schedules were growing busier than ever. Pan cookies were great, but NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE realized we could offer bakers something new (and even easier): Refrigerated Cookie Dough. Inspired by the famous Toll House recipe and made with ingredients like real chocolate chips, these innovative cookie doughs found their way into the homes (and hearts) of millions of cookie fans who loved the fresh-baked taste.

Baking portioned refrigerated cookie dough

Quicker Ways to Bake Some Good

Over the last few years, bakers have shared their recipes for quick treats for one (think cake in a cup). Inspired by these cravings for fast, single-serve desserts, we launched Frozen Cookie Dough in 2014. Made with wholesome, quality ingredients and conveniently portioned into single servings, our doughs give bakers a super-quick way to share a smile and bake some good, one cookie at a time.

Bakers have also been sharing #bakinghacks that save them time and add a little variety to their routines. So in 2016, we introduced our baking mixes. Each box contains a full cup of our morsels, along with the perfect starter mix for an endless number of treats. Cookies? Brownies? Waffles? Yes, yes and yes! Bakers can get creative and even add their own touch to dessert with these versatile mixes. And each mix is made with the kind of quality ingredients our baking friends expect from the NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE brand.

Cookies made from NESTLE TOLL HOUSE bag mixes
NESTLE TOLL HOUSE Brownies and More Chocolate Baking Mix

Fun Facts

When Ruth Wakefield baked that first batch, no one could have predicted the way chocolate chip cookies would become such a big part of our lives. Some of our favorite bits of trivia:

  • 1997 The year Massachusetts officially recognized the chocolate chip cookie as an official state cookie.
  • 2000 The year chocolate chip cookies baked their way into the TV show Friends. Phoebe told her friends she received the family recipe from her French grandmother, “Nestlé Toulouse.”
  • 3 to 1 ratio Margin Americans prefer chocolate chip cookies to any other!* * Impulse Research; 2014 survey commissioned by Downtown Cookie Co. of 1,033 respondents.

Better cocoa, farmed better, creating better futures

You want to feel good about the ingredients you bake with. And we want to make sure our chocolate is the best it can be. That’s why we partner with the NESTLÉ® Cocoa Plan®, which aims to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and the quality of their products. By 2017, NESTLÉ will purchase enough responsibly sourced cocoa to produce the majority of our Toll House products. And while we’re not 100% there yet, we want you to know that every time you bake with NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE morsels, you’re not just expressing your creativity, you’re helping us on a journey to Bake the world a better place™.

We begin with the best

As bakers ourselves, we know that top-quality cocoa makes a difference in our recipes. It also makes a difference in our chocolate. One of the places we get our cocoa is the Ivory Coast, where cacao trees thrive in the warm, wet climate.

Cocoa Tree

Supporting the farmers

By participating in the NESTLÉ Cocoa Plan, NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE helps support the hardworking farmers who are providing for their families. In fact, the NESTLÉ Cocoa Plan was able to train 44,000 farmers in 2015, helping them grow better cocoa at a better profit.

Harvesting cocoa

Cultivated with care

The NESTLÉ Cocoa Plan partners with cocoa farmers to help educate them; this training helps reduce cocoa diseases, boost crop yield and improve bean quality. And it all adds up to the kind of brand you can be proud to bake with.

Original Nestle's(R) Semi-Sweet Chocolate

The number of higher-yielding cocoa plants the NESTLÉ Cocoa Plan grew & distributed to cocoa farmers in 2015

Original Nestle's(R) Semi-Sweet Chocolate

The number of cocoa farmers who’ve learned how to boost their crop yield with the knowledge they’ve gained at field schools sponsored by the NESTLÉ® Cocoa Plan®

Where does cocoa grow?

What do these countries have in common? They’re close to the equator and have plenty of rainfall—the perfect conditions for growing cacao trees.

Map of countries that produce cocoa

Building communities

When everyone works together to ensure responsibly sourced, quality cocoa, we can help farmers and their families live richer lives. The NESTLÉ Cocoa Plan helps support this by building schools to support education and improving the social conditions of the communities. So far, 541 communities have been positively affected.

Group of cocoa farmers

Continuing the journey

Partnering with the NESTLÉ Cocoa Plan is just one of the ways we’re out to Bake the world a better place™. By 2017, NESTLÉ® will purchase enough responsibly sourced cocoa to produce the majority of our TOLL HOUSE products. So let’s roll up our sleeves, break out the mixing bowls and Bake the world a better place™ together.


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