Magic Jack O Lantern Halloween Dessert with Pumpkin Spice Ganache and Surprise Ghost Brownie

Magic Jack O Lantern Halloween Dessert with Pumpkin Spice Ganache and Surprise Ghost Brownie
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MIX your Nestle Toll House Chocolate Baking Mix without adding the Butterfinger Baking Bits.

SPRAY a brownie pop mold and fill 8 cavities 2/3 of the way to the top. Place ½ tsp Nestle Toll House Butterfinger Baking Bits in the center of each brownie then add the rest of the baking bits to the remaining brownie batter.

SPREAD the remaining brownie batter into an 8” x 8” square baking pan. BAKE 15-20 minutes.

MELT 12 oz. Nestle Toll House Premier White Morsels and shortening. Place the Brownie pop "ghosts" on a wire rack and pour the melted morsels over the brownie “ghosts”. Tint the remaining morsels green using oil or powder based food colorings.

CUT 8 x 1.5” rounds from the 8” tray of cooked brownie and dip into the green morsels to coat. Spread the remaining green morsels onto a piece of parchment and refrigerate to set.

HEAT a 1.5” & a 6” circle cookie cutter in a tray of boiling water and use the heated cutters to cut 8 x 6” circles and 8 x 1.5” circles from the set sheet of green morsels. Re-melt any offcuts and place into a zip seal bag. Cut off the tip and pipe a small "stalk" and a few small green strands and curls on the 1.5” circles to look like the top of a pumpkin.

MELT 10 oz. Nestle Toll House Pumpkin Spice Morsels and 10 oz. Nestle Toll House Premier White Morsels along with shortening. Ensure the morsels are fluid and smooth but not hot to touch.

INFLATE 8 small water balloons and dip each balloon into the melted morsel mixture, coating ¾ of the way to the top. Place each balloon on a separate piece of parchment and immediately put each balloon into the freezer for 10 minutes.

HEAT a skillet or frypan and remove from heat. Pop the balloons and remove from the inside, ensuring all balloon membrane is removed. Gently place your skillet on top of the balloon bowl to smooth, then flip & repeat creating a large opening in the bottom of the balloon bowl and a smaller opening in the top.

MELT black candy melts and paint faces on your ghosts and Jack O Lantern.

PLACE the large green disk into the middle of a plate or shallow bowl and microwave for 15 seconds to soften. Make sure the plate isn’t hot! Place the green brownie base, top with the white ghost and then apply the Jack O Lantern bowl over the top. Chill to set. HEAT a knife in a cup of hot water and gently slice 5 lines into the sides of the balloon bowl, stopping ¼” from the base. Attach the smaller green disc to the top, covering the smaller hole COMBINE 14 oz. Nestle Toll House Premier White Morsels and cream and microwave for 3 x 1 minute intervals, stirring well. Once smooth, color with red food color paste or gel to make a red sauce.

POUR the sauce into each serving dish, ensuring it touches all sections of the Jack O Lantern Pumpkin and watch as the sections fall away to reveal the little Ghost Brownie surprise inside!