Simply Rich Chocolate Syrup

With its deep chocolate flavor, this is not your average chocolate syrup! Perfect as a sweet treat on fresh fruit, or use to top your favorite ice cream or dessert.

Simply Rich Chocolate Syrup
  • Prep Time
  • Cooking Time
  • Skill Level
  • Makes
    two tablespoon servings (1 1/3 cups)



HEAT half-and-half and granulated sugar to a gentle boil in small, heavy-duty saucepan. Remove from heat. Add chocolate and butter. Stir until mixture is smooth and chocolate is melted. Serve warm over fresh fruit, ice cream or your favorite dessert. Or, transfer to resealable container and refrigerate.

TO REHEAT, microwave on HIGH (100%) power for 15 to 30 seconds; stir.

Nutritional Information

% Daily Value *

  • Total Fat 10g 16%
  • Saturated Fat 6g 32%
  • Cholesterol 10mg 3%
  • Sodium 15mg 1%
  • Carbohydrates 18g 6%
  • Dietary Fiber 2g 6%
  • Vitamin A 2%
  • Vitamin C 0%
  • Calcium 2%
  • Iron 0%
  • Sugars 15g
  • Protein 1g

* Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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