Swap in LIBBY’S® Pumpkin for Better Baking

We are pumpkin, and we’ve set the table to show you all the benefits pumpkin has to offer. From breakfast to dinner, sweet to savory, discover just how versatile—and beneficial—LIBBY’S 100% Pure Pumpkin can be.

Convert Your Recipe
Find out how to swap eggs, oil and butter for LIBBY’S 100% Pure Pumpkin in any recipe.
  • Eggs
    1 egg = ¼ c. LIBBY’S Pumpkin
  • Oil
    1 tbsp. oil = 1 tbsp. LIBBY’S Pumpkin
  • Butter
    1 tbsp. butter = 1 tbsp. LIBBY’S Pumpkin
  • Vegan Pumpkin Black Bean Soupp Vegan Pumpkin Black Bean Soup With LIBBY’S Pumpkin, you can add extra nutrition and flavor to your veggies, beans and broth. Explore the recipe
  • Easy Pumpkin-Pasta Bake Easy Pumpkin Pasta Bake Add 1 part LIBBY’S Pumpkin to 3 parts canned or jarred tomato sauce to reduce the sodium per serving and add Vitamin A. Explore the recipe
  • LIBBY'S® Pumpkin Roll Pumpkin Roll Add extra nutrition and flavor to this dish with LIBBY’S 100% Pure Pumpkin, for a classic fall favorite. Explore the recipe
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte Pumpkin Spice Latte Give your latte extra body, natural flavor and nutrition with LIBBY’S Pumpkin. Explore the recipe
  • Pumpkin Gouda Macaroni & Cheese Pumpkin Gouda Mac & Cheese Replace the butter in boxed mac & cheese with LIBBY’S Pumpkin to cut the fat by nearly 75%. Explore the recipe
  • Pumpkin Peanut Butter Sandwich Pumpkin Peanut Butter Sandwich Replace half of the peanut butter with LIBBY’S Pumpkin and cut the fat. Explore the recipe
  • LIBBY'S® Famous Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie Even dessert can provide nutrition when it’s made with LIBBY’S 100% Pure Pumpkin. Explore the recipe
  • Old-Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies Old Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies Do cookies differently—with added nutrition—when you add LIBBY’S Pumpkin. Explore the recipe
  • "3 for 100" Mini Pumpkin Muffins “3 for 100” Mini Pumpkin Muffins Make mini muffins with Libby’s for big taste, more nutrition—and just 100 calories. Explore the recipe
  • Whole Wheat Pumpkin Blueberry Pancakes Whole Wheat Pumpkin Blueberry Pancakes Add LIBBY’S Pumpkin to your pancake mix for Vitamin A and a hint of texture and moistness. Explore the recipe
  • Banana Pineapple Smoothie Banana Pineapple Smoothie Add ¼ cup LIBBY’S Pumpkin per 8-oz. serving of smoothie for a powerful punch of Vitamin A. Explore the recipe
  • Pumpkin Maple Oatmeal Pumpkin Maple Oatmeal Add 2 tablespoons of LIBBY’S Pumpkin to ½ cup quick oats to power up the nutrition in your breakfast. Explore the recipe
In Your Baking Aisle
LIBBY’S Pumpkin is here for all your subs, swaps and baking needs.