bake some good

The world is better when we’re good to each other. And we believe baking is a small way to do some good. Discover inspiration to fuel you and join us as we bake some good in the world.

This month's theme

Celebrate Creativity

Got a friend whose creativity amazes you? Want to encourage someone to pursue a new creative passion? Show your support by getting creative in the kitchen and baking some unique treats. Check out our stories about baking and explore recipe ideas. Let's get out there and #BakeSomeGood!

to encourage the aspiring artist in your life

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Nestle® Toll House® + Soul Pancake

We teamed up to share the goodness of a bake sale with some unsuspecting strangers. See how we #BakeSomeGood in the community.



Creativity takes many forms. For Sarah, it can be mixing unexpected ingredients together for a marvelous result—or bridging her past and present through her passion.

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to inspire your kids to get creative this Easter

Inspiring Spoons

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by surprising your friends with a unique treat


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You don’t need a paintbrush to express your creavity. Our bakers channeled their creativity into making meals for veterans—complete with mason jars full of hot cocoa for a warm, toasty treat.

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S’mores Reimagined

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Building a Home Together

Our bakers were inspired to test their creativity in a new way and make something lasting together, so they joined with Habitat for Humanity to work on a house in a needy community.

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Blossoming Creativity Flower Cookie

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There are no mistakes in creativity, only happy accidents, as our baker Kate learned when she forgot to add the sugar to a recipe. Instead, she ended up with a whole new creation!

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