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by Nestle Toll House Bakers | Jan 26, 2017

Over the years, I’ve put curry powder into many savory dishes. Today was my first time mixing it into a cookie batter.

You know how experts claim that certain scents can trigger memories? To me, curry powder does just that.

I was adopted from Calcutta, India, when I was two years old. Starving and ill with Tuberculosis, my biological mother surrendered me to an orphanage in hopes that I would have a chance at a safe and healthy future.  And that chance became a reality.

I’m one of three girls to be adopted by a single mom. Growing up, my mom never hid my adoption from me. It was something that we’d talked openly about over dinner or whenever I had any questions. As my mom often told me, I was chosen and most parents don’t get to choose their children.


I‘ve always loved baking!

Happy memories of baking in the kitchen flood back to me when I smell curry powder. I remember listening to audio books and spending the afternoon trying my hand at a new recipe. In fact, it was my mom and grandma who taught me how to bake. It was with them when I learned not to overbeat whipping cream (hello, butter) and it was with them when I mastered pie crust.

So why was I adding curry powder to a cookie batter? To make Coconut, Curry and Sriracha Chocolate Chip Cookies. These little gems offer a twist on the classic Chocolate Chip cookie—and it’s a good twist at that! By the way, the smell is amazing when it bakes! J

Baking has always been a way for me to express my gratitude to others. When I bake, a little bit of my heart goes into what I create. That’s why today was extra special. Not only was I baking with some Indian spices but I had the opportunity to bake for the staff at a local adoption agency.

Since opening its doors in 1923, The Cradle is renowned as one of the leading adoption agencies in the country. It’s also the only adoption agency in the country with an on-site nursery.

The Cradle staff have helped place more than 15,000 children into permanent, loving homes. As they told me, “We place families with babies, not babies with families.”

It was extra special to walk into The Cradle and surprise the staff with cookies. Between tears, I managed to choke out a heartfelt thank you for everything that they do to make adoptions happen and to bring families together.



First family photo after my adoption

You see, there is something irreplaceable about the notion that I am part of my current family because I was striven for. My mom willingly travelled hundreds of miles to pick me up, sat through countless meetings, completed document after document, and willingly answered many personal questions – just to make me her daughter.

I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for my mom and her huge heart. And I'll always remember the self-sacrificing gift of love that my birth mother exemplified. I am proud to be adopted and grateful that I have a second chance at life because of two phenomenal women.

So, while today might have been my first time putting curry powder into a cookie, I know that it won’t be my last. And every time I do, I’ll remember my day spent at The Cradle and the special way that I was able to say thank you and Bake Some Good.


‘Til next time!