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Lorraine Sandwich

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I wanted to make a quiche, but using the waffle iron (or sandwich press). This delicious sandwich is the result. Recipe serves 2.


4 slices whole grain bread
vegetable oil to brush on waffle iron
4 slices bacon, cooked crisp (can use pre-cooked)
2 compact scrambled eggs (or egg whites)
4 Tbsp. grated cheese, divided
4 Tbsp. grilled red onions, divided


Preheat waffle iron or sandwich grill. Generously grease top and bottom plates with vegetable oil. Place two slices of bread on waffle iron, then top each sandwich with egg, bacon, onions, and cheese, finally topping each sandwich with a second slice of bread. Firmly press sandwiches in waffle iron. Be very careful of escaping steam. Instead, use a potholder to press top, away from handle, until the sandwiches are a beautiful golden brown in color. Use a fork to gently ease sandwiches out of the waffle iron, onto plates. Garnish with fresh fruit and a sprig of parsley.

NOTE: All materials can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated. With a little help from an adult, even kids can prepare this great sandwich for their Mom!

Makes 2 sandwiches.

NOTE: To clean waffle iron, simply place two plain slices of bread, i.e., bread heels, in the waffle iron. All the browned bits will stick to the bread, which is easily removed.

Happy Mother's Day!

NOTE: Dads love this sandwich, too.