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low in calories-low in fat-low in-low in carb. and cholesterol.DIABETIC RECIPE.


1 Cup All Ppurpose Flour
1/2 Cup Warm (Skim)Milk.
7 Tbs.Sugar Substitute.
1/3 Cup Sugar.
3 Tbs.Unsweet Cocoa Powder.
2tbs. Canola Oil.
2 Tsp.Baking Powder.
2 Tsp Vanilla.
1/2 Tsp Salt. And The Sauce.
7 tbs Sugar Subst.
1/4 Cup Sugar.
3tbs.Unsweet Cocoa Powder.
1 3/4c Boiling Water


Preheat Oven 350 F. Combine All Cake Ingredients In Bowl, Mix Well.Pour Into A 9in.Square Pan. Sauce. Mix And Sprinkle By Hand, On Top Of Cake. Pour The Boiling Water On Top.(Do Not Stir.)Bake For 45 Minutes.Until Cake Has Risen To Top, And Sauce Is Bubbling.