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Gelatin and Cool Whip

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Gelatin and Cool Whip
This is so simple and is good one to prepare when you need a last minute dessert.


Gelatin, sugar free
Whipped topping, lite or fat free (I prefer the lite)
Fruit (optional)


Placing the gelatin in a bowl (size will depend on how much your preparing),prepare gelatin using the quick set method (ice cubes). Let Jello firm a bit more (red seems to take longer), but not until set completely.

Using a hand mixer, mix the gelatin until fluffy; but,don't over mix. Then,add whipped topping and continue to mix until blended.

At this point, if you want, fold in fruit; however, if you really want to be fancy, use parfait glasses: Starting with the gelatin/whipped topping mixture, then add some fruit; continue to the top, ending with the fruit.

Put the prepared bowl (or parfait glasses) back in the refrigerator to continue setting.

This recipe can be prepared before you start to fix your meal; by the time you've finished eating the meal, your dessert is ready to eat.