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Candy and nuts

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This is a simple candy made with few ingredients, but everyone will think you took a long time and would be surprized to know what is inside of the potato candy.


1 large can of shoestring potatoes
1 bag of Nestles chocolate morsels
1 Tablespoon of grease (to melt chocolate)
wax paper to put candy on


Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for 1 minute and add the grease and stir it up it may need just a little more time to melt depending on your microwave. Take the canned shoestring potatoes and crush them up just a little bit and pour into the bowl of melted chocolate and stir, drop quickly y spoonful onto wax paper and set in icebox to get hard. It is quick and taste good, your guest will think they are eating nuts inside of the candy.