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Migas is a Tex_Mex dish that is fried cornchips and scrambled eggs. You may add many different things to this breakfast dish. I added a few suggestions below.


6 eggs (beat them up with a wisk)
6 corn tortillas (cut into fourths)
Additional favorites to add: (one or several)
onions (chopped up)
bell peppers (chopped up)
sausage or bacon (cooked before you add it)
chorizo (mexican sausage)
garlic (powder or fresh)
comino (cumin)
cheese (your favorite kind)

Let your imagination run wild and create your own version of "Migas" for your family to enjoy.


Put a little grease into a skillet and while it is getting hot cut your corn tortillas into fourths and then fry them in the grease, drain off most of the grease and add your beaten eggs to the hot skillet and scramble the eggs mixing them well with the corn tortillas. You can add your spices at this time. Take off the heat so they do not scortch. You may add cooked meat or any of your favorites to this egg dish.