Ranch Biscuits

Ranch Biscuits

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Edited on Aug 04, 2009

These are quick biscuits to make that taste like you have been working on it all day long.


3 cups of flour
1 pkg. dry yeast (quick acting)
1 teaspoon salt
3 Tablespoons suger (or honey)
2 teaspoons baking powder
3 Tablespoons grease (liguid)
1/4 cup Carnation evaporated milk (scalded)
3/4 cup water
grease for your baking pan
butter to top your biscuits with


Measure 1/4 cup carnation evaporated milk and scald in microwave or top of stove (heat to boiling, set aside to cool)
In a large mixing bowl add the flour, dry yeast, salt, sugar, baking powder and mix with a fork. Now make a well in the center of the bowl so you can add your liquids in the center. Take the milk and add 3/4 cup water to make it total to 1 full cup, add the 3 Tablespoons of liquid grease to this cup and then pour it into the center of the bowl, DO NOT MIX YET, Get out your baking pan and grease the bottom, BEFORE you begin to mix up your dough grease your hands with the grease in the bottom of your baking pan. Now with greased hands go to bowl and mix up your dough. Knead the dough until it feels soft and pliable and form it into a dough ball. Cover with towel and wait about 5 minutes. Now turn on your oven to heat at 400 degrees and go back to dough bowl and punch dough down with your hands and work the dough back into another dough ball. Pinch off smaller balls putting them back into the same bowl as you go until you have about 16 smaller balls. Take them out one at a time and knead just a little with your hands, while shaping them into a circle, DO NOT PAT THEM DOWN put them into the greased pan and swipe the grease on them and turn them over so both sides get coated. Continue until all are done this way. Put pan in hot oven and cook for about 20 minutes until golden brown. To help them rise to the fullest put a pan of water underneath them on the rack below. We always put meat in the oven with a gravy made in it instead of just the water pan, this gets two things done and you have gray to "sop" your biscuits in. Once bread is out from the oven top them with butter to keep them soft and because it taste good also.

Not a NESTLÉ®-tested recipe.

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