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New York Style no crust Cheesecake

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New York Style no crust Cheesecake
This is for a heavy New York style no crust cheesecake my ex made.


4 packs of cream cheese.................8 oz each
1 1/4 cups sugar
3/4 cup milk
4 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup flour


he cold ingredients, sour cream, cream cheese,eggs,milk.
These ingredients MUST be room temperature.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees

grease 9 inch spring form pan, I used a non stick pan and used cooking spray lightly.

In bowl mix cream cheese and sugar on low speed till smooth.
blend in milk still at low speed.
lightly beat each egg separately and add to mixture stirring in with a wooden spoon. Do this until all 4 eggs are used.
Add sour cream, vanilla and flour to mixture. Use the mixer, keeping it at low speed until smooth

Fill spring form pan with mixture, give the bowl a lick and go ahhhhh (optional) Set pan on counter, wait 15 mins, popping the air bubbles that come to the top with a toothpick or fork.
Put in oven with water bath for 1 hour. (note on waterbath. he uses a round cake pan placed on botton rack of oven filled half way with tap water) Cheesecake goes on middle rack

Footnotes from the ex:

Oven temperature is important for this receipe. I used an oven thermoniter, my oven was running 25 degrees hotter than what the dial said.
I did not have a water bath but used the idea of others and used a pan with water. It worked great. Keeps it moist and helps to not crack.

After 1 hour of being in the oven at 325, now comes the hard part.
Do not open oven door, turn oven off. Let it sit in oven for 5 hours (did I not say hard part???) lol

After 5 hours put cake on counter, take thin dull knife, run knife under hot tap water, dry it,
run it around the outside of the cake pan to loosen sides.

Gently remove springform from cake.
The hard part is not over because now you have to put in refrigerator for 6 hours
And then comes the easy part.
Time to eat.

Tip for cutting cake, I used a large smooth carving knife warmed under tap water wiped dry,
cutting cake in half slowly starting one side and going to the other pulling knife gently thru cake. Re warm knife each time you make a slice.