Chocolate Covered Candy

Chocolate Covered Candy

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Edited on Sep 30, 2007

This is a favorite recipe of mine. I got it from a family friend when I just a teenager. It uses sweetened condensed milk, butter, powered sugar, flavorings (extracts), nuts (optional) and melted chocolate for dipping the candy in. This is a great recipe for the kids to help in. Have a candy making party and once you have made it you can all share in the eating of it.


1-Can of Carnation sweetened condensed milk
2 sticks of butter (unsalted) or 1/2 pound
(softeded not melted) Do not use Margarine
3boxes or 3 pounds of powdered sugar
Nuts are optional
2 Boxes of semi-sweet chocolate or you can use
Candy Quick
1 Square of Pharaphin wax Use only if you use
the semi-sweet chocolate


The process will take two days to complete but when you are finished you will have the fun of enjoying chocolates like you have never had before. It is also half the price of chocolates that you would buy at the store.

The first day:

Mix the powered sugar, softened butter, and the sweetened condensed milk in that order. Make sure that you have all of the ingeridents in the bowl before you start to mix. Seperate for the flavors that you want. Once you have the flavors that you want you can add the nuts (optional). Make into balls the size of marbles. Place on a cookie sheet (you might want to put down some parchment paper so that the candy does not stick to the pan). Once you have all of the candy made into marble size pieces, put them into the refrigerator overnight. This will set the candy so that you can dip them into the chocolate.

Day 2:

Today you will melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Make sure that no water gets into the chocolate. If you are using the semi-sweet chocolate you will also add the square of paraphin wax. The wax is a sealer for the chocolate. If you are using the Candy Quick, you won't need the wax.

Once you have the chocolate melted and tempered, you will dip the candy in the chocolate one piece at a time. Tap the utinsil that you are using onto the pan to remove the excess chocolate. Let set until the candy is dry. Put the candy in candy papers or tins. Set it in the refrigerator to keep fresh. When finished you should have approximately 3 pounds of candy.
Eat and enjoy. This also makes a great gift at Christmas time. I give it to all of my family and friends.

Not a NESTLÉ®-tested recipe.

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