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Fresh strawberry frozen cake

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I bake in oblong pan. Freeze after it cooled. Thaw about one hour before serving. This has become my families favorite. Its like eating icecream and strawberry shortcake at the same time.


Strawberry cake mix-
strawberry jello
fresh strawberrys[2 cups] and juice [drain but save juice]
vanilla pudding & pie mix The kind you cook,


cook your vanilla pudding, cover and let cool. Start cake. Add jello mix to cake mix following the directions on box.
stir in half of your strawberries
Bake at 350 in oblong pan pour juice over cake when done. let cool completely.
fold in coolwhip and rest of strawberries with pudding. Spread mixture over cake.
Seal cake and freeze. Keep in frig. if you have any left.