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Fudgelicious Surprise

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Fudgelicious Surprise
Having MS, I have found it necessary to "Re-do" several of my favorite tried and true recipes. This helps in making them easier to prepare. Here is my version for a quick to prepare fudge recipe. THE SURPRISE? THE EXTRACTS USED.


-1 16oz can ready made Chocolate icing;(My personal favorite for this recipe),(any flavor can be used)
-1 cup each of the following ingredients:
assorted chopped nuts,
crushed choc. chip cookies,
chunky peanut butter,
coconut, Cinnamon Craisins,
mini M&M's.
-1 Tblspn. each of:
Vanilla extract, Butter flavor eXtract.
-1 Tspn. Mint extract.


Spray a 12X14" dish with Non-stick cooking spray.
1)In a large bowl mix together well the icing, peanut butter and extracts.
2)Add in the nuts, coconut, and the Cinnamon Craisins.
3)Gently add in the mini M&Ms, and crushed choc. chip cookies.
4)Spread in the prepared 12X14 dish.
5)Chill well for at least 3 hours. Cut into 1" bars. Ready to serve. ENJOY!