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Chicken with Vegetable Honey Mustard sauce

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Chicken with Vegetable Honey Mustard sauce
Very easy to make, delicious and healthy.


4 chicken breasts, deboned and skinned
2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 carrot
1 zuchini
1 medium white onion
1 bell pepper
3 Tablespoons honey
3 Tablespoons any kind of mustard
3 garlic cloves
Salt and pepper, to taste
Splash Worchestershire sauce
1 Tbsp. vinegar
3/4 cup water


Defrost the chicken breast and flatten out. Cover with one tablespoon of mustard, one tablespoon of honey, a pinch of salt and some pepper. Bake in a rectangular baking dish in the oven at 380°F. for 20 minutes.
In the meantime, heat the olive oil in a skillet and add the garlic cloves, carrot, onion and bell pepper and sauté until golden. Add the rest of the honey, mustard, vinegar, Worchestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Mix well and add 3/4 cup of water. Add the zuchini.Cook for 5 more minutes.
Take the chicken out of the oven being careful to use oven mitts. Turn the chicken over and add the vegetable mixture over the chicken. Bake for another 30 minutes or until done. Serve over white rice.