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Gingerbread Cutout Cookies

15 mins
7 mins
0 min
66 cookies (5 1/2 dozen)
Gingerbread Cutout Cookies
These tasty Gingerbread cookies are fun to make, decorate and eat, or simply be made to add some holiday flair. To use as a tree decoration, make a hole with a drinking straw at the top of the cookie prior to baking. After baking, tie a loop of nylon fishing line or yarn through the hole for easy hanging. No matter what you choose to do, everyone will want to get involved!



PREHEAT oven to 350º F. Sprinkle flour onto work surface.

ROLL dough to 1/4-inch thickness, using additional flour as needed to prevent sticking. Cut with 2 1/2-inch cookie cutters. Place 1 inch apart on ungreased baking sheets. Repeat with trimmings.

BAKE for 7 to 8 minutes or until light golden brown around edges. (Smaller cutters and sharp edges tend to produce darker cookies.) Cool for 2 minutes; remove to wire racks to cool completely. Decorate as desired. Store in tightly covered container.


COMBINE 2 cups sifted powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons milk and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract in small bowl. Stir in additional milk, a teaspoon at a time, until desired consistency. For colored icing, tint with food coloring. Makes about 2/3 cup.

Nutritional Information

  • Serving Size
    1/66 cookies (5 1/2 dozen) of recipe
  • Calories 80
  • Calories from Fat 25

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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% Daily Value *

  • Total Fat 3g 5%
  • Saturated Fat 1g 5%
  • Cholesterol 5mg 2%
  • Sodium 50mg 2%
  • Carbohydrates 14g 5%
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Sugars 9g
  • Protein 1g
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron 2%