Mud Puddle Breakfast Cereal Treat

Level: Easy
Prep Time: 2 min
Cook Time:
Cooling Time:
Yields: 1


This Mud Puddle Breakfast Cereal Treat features your favorite cereal and NESTLÉ NESQUIK Refrigerated Ready-to-Drink Chocolate Milk in a tasty flavor combination that everyone, young or old, will enjoy completely. Great way to add a special flair to breakfast.


  • 1 cup your favorite cereal
  • 1/2 cup NESTLÉ NESQUIK Refrigerated Ready-to-Drink Chocolate Milk


COMBINE cereal and Nesquik in medium bowl. Enjoy!

My kids love it!!

by L. Linda , NORTH CANTON, OH on Dec. 2004

This really went over big with the kids. They all loved it and thought it was the coolest thing.

mud puddle

by P. Patricia , athens, WI on Oct. 2004

It is all in the name. That is what bought the recipe to my attention. I have been adding chocolate milk to the childrens cereal at least once a week, but it didn't have a catchy name like Mud Puddle. Yes it is very good, and the children liked it also.

Mud Puddle

by N. N , CA on Sep. 2004

This was my favorite breakfast in college! Fruit ringed cereal is the best.

Mud Puddle

by L. L. , Whitehorse, YT on Mar. 2004

I like this recipe, simply because I can get my children to eat a plainer cereal by adding some chocolate milk.


by p. peggy , WICHITA, KS on Feb. 2004

My daughter is pretty particular about her food. I was looking for something fun but easy. Just the simple things like chocolate helps! Thanks!