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Haven't been here in a while.  Was still having problems with AFib.  Back and forth to the doctor.  Kept changing the meds and increasing the meds.  Finally saw one of the other dr

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Re: I Got a PaceMaker

posted at 5/15/2013 11:59 PM EDT
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Well the conversion did not work.  Several days after it I started with AFib again.  Have to see a specialist.  The earliest appmt is June 14 for a consultation.  Dr. said I will probably need an ablation.  One of my sons will be able to take me.  My husband cannot drive there with his MS.  It is a distance from here.  Fortunately his last day of school is June 13th and my appmt is June 14th.  He is an AP Math teacher, also teaches part time at one of the local colleges and does a weekend shift at a Christian radio station.  He also fills in whenever they need him.  My youngest son (the one you prayed for) said he would take me too.  He lives four hours away and works at one of the colleges there.    I am trying to get him to make his appmt with his cardiologist.  He still has not done that.

Please continue the prayers.  Thank you!!!!!!!

Thank you to all of you who wrote comments and thank you for all your prayers!!!  God bless all of you!!!
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