Fresh Fudge??
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Fresh Fudge??
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When can I start making holiday candy ..... fudge, divinity, peanut brittle and so on?  How long do you think it will stay fresh?
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Re: Fresh Fudge??

posted at 12/17/2010 6:51 PM EST
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awhhh  Nellie - I'm sure sorry you're having problems.  How sad.  Maybe at Christmas those kids will turn up happy to see their aunt nellie who has been so good to them.  I sure hope so.

I don't try to make divinity on a humid day ... I wait from one of those dry ones.    And I use a short-cut fudge recipe too ;-)

And here's a really good neuro site/message board .... It covers all the neuro symptoms such as those that did such damage to your hands  ((( gentle hug )))

Re: Fresh Fudge??

posted at 12/18/2010 4:57 PM EST
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my best helper ever, grand nephew Tyler finally made it over around 11 this morning, he mixed up a batch of my "world's best sugar cookies" while i made "fantasy" fudge. the cookies have to be chilled for a couple of hours. Then Tyler made 'belles easy pumpkin bread while i made chocolate covered peanuts with bark (one of our favs). Then i made some chili beans that i had made up for the freezer and we ate. He's coming back soon to cook teh sugar cookies and chocolate chip  cookies while i make an Armour dried beef cheese ball.and some "easy pecan tassies"

we will have to hide everything, as i usually make several recipes of each and share early, but now they'll have to wait til my Christmas eve party friday.
actually, if you looked at my hands, they look fine, no crippling arthritis twists or knots.

i worked for a county office where everything had to be stamped with a number using a heavy hand machine for 30 yrs and it really took a toll on the tendons and so forth

Re: Fresh Fudge??

posted at 12/18/2010 9:24 PM EST
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I use and electric hand mixer to make divinity.
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