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Liked the old site much better.  This to confusing - cannot find what I am looking for.
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Re: Old Site

posted at 11/20/2010 7:48 AM EST
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First: 10/2/2008
Last: 10/4/2013
I still would like to see your daily total score so you know ho9w much was added.

Re: Where's the Monthly Calendar Screen Saver

posted at 11/22/2010 8:02 PM EST
Posts: 1
First: 11/22/2010
Last: 11/22/2010
I haven't been on the site in about 2 months.   I cannot find the downloadable month calendar screen savers.   Are they a thing of the past?   I hope not.

Re: Old Site

posted at 11/22/2010 8:10 PM EST
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First: 6/23/2010
Last: 4/23/2014
Hi Patricia -- yes, the calendar is gone.  So many people have asked about it that I wonder if Nestles will re-do it.  I don't know.
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