The Family Kitchen

When kids cook, they laugh, learn and feel important - and that tastes very good.

Bake in the bonding and sprinkle with fun. Here you’ll find lots of fun ways for your kids to learn key cooking skills with “on-the-job” training.

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Baking ABCs

To cook in the oven, instead of on the stovetop.
Baking pan
A metal pan without a lid that is used to cook foods in the oven.
A mixture of flour and other ingredients that’s thin enough to pour (not thick and gooey like dough).
To stir ingredients quickly together until they’re all combined; either with a spoon, a whisk or an electric beater.
To combine ingredients into a smooth mixture that’s all the same color and texture.
To heat a liquid until bubbles form, rise to the top and pop.
To cook or bake something until it turns brown.
To let something get cool in the refrigerator.
To cut into little pieces.
Stirring ingredients together until they’re mixed.
Cookie Sheet
A flat metal tray that is used to bake cookies.
To let something hot sit until it gets to room temperature.
To mix ingredients together until they’re fluffy and smooth.
A very small amount of an ingredient (less than the smallest measuring spoon can hold).
To stir something dry into a liquid until it disappears.
A mixture of ingredients that includes flour and is soft and thick.
To drip a topping or icing onto a food, often using a fork or a spoon.
Carefully combining heavier ingredients with light ones like whipped cream or eggs by gently mixing together. Usually people run a spatula along the bottom of a bowl then lift it toward the top.
To put a sweet topping on a cake, cookie, or cupcake. The topping is spreadable, but will stay a little fluffy.
To rub the inside of a pan with something that keeps baked goods from sticking—usually butter or margarine.
To put a thin, sweet topping on a baked good.
To mix together ingredients—usually with your hands—by pushing and pulling on it until it gets smooth and stretchy.
A tool with a sharp edge that’s used for cutting.
To check the exact amount of an ingredient.
Measuring Cups
Special cups that come in specific sizes, which are used to make sure the right amount of an ingredient is included in a recipe.
Measuring Spoons
Special spoons that come in specific sizes, which are used to make sure the right amount of an ingredient is included in a recipe.
To combine more than one ingredient together.
Mixing Bowl
A bowl that is large enough to hold all the ingredients of a recipe; it’s used for stirring or blending things together.
Oven Mitt
A mitten made of special heat-resistant material that is used to take things out of the oven.
Oven Rack
The wire shelves inside an oven.
To pat ingredients down flat into a measuring cup so that as much as possible fits inside.
To remove the outer covering of a fruit, vegetable or egg.
To turn the oven on before you put something into it so that it can warm up to the right temperature.
Making food into a shape, often by pressing on it with a rolling pin.
To smooth out any lumps in an ingredient, usually by using a sifter.
To stay just below the boiling point while bubbling gently.
To cut something into thin pieces.
A kitchen tool with a flat wedge at the end that is used to lift food or spread ingredients.
To combine ingredients by moving your hand in a circle with a whisk or a spoon.
Using two spoons to combine ingredients by lifting them.
A tool used for cooking or baking.
To mix up ingredients by beating them rapidly—and lightly—with a whisk or an electric mixer.
A kitchen tool with a long handle that is made of thin metal wires shaped into loops.

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