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  • <b>Eggnog</b>-Spiced French Toast

    Eggnog-Spiced French Toast

    Have a cheerful start to your morning with some sugar and spice and everything nice. The distinct flavor of eggnog paired with the creamy taste of Carnation, takes traditional French toast...

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  • Clásico <b>Eggnog</b> - Very Best Baking

    Clásico Eggnog - Very Best Baking

    Toast the New Year with this sweet twist on the traditional holiday classic. The unique, rich coffee flavor is sure to become a new holiday favorite that will have your guests asking for seconds.

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  • Costa Rican-Style <b>Eggnog</b>

    Costa Rican-Style Eggnog

    Popular throughout Latin America, this holiday Costa Rican-Style Eggnog is traditionally served at Christmastime and to ring in the New Year. Generously spiked with dark rum and flavored with...

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  • Festive <b>Eggnog</b> Cake

    Festive Eggnog Cake

    modified version of an old nestle vbb website recipe (the original used nestles swirled holiday morsels which i don't think is produced anymore...we never liked those so we start with other...

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  • <b>Egg Nog</b> Cake - Very Best Baking

    Egg Nog Cake - Very Best Baking

    I find this it make a great pound cake and easy to make. prep time:10 min. baking time:40 to 45 min standing time:10min.

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  • Choclate <b>Eggnog</b> Pie - Very Best Baking

    Choclate Eggnog Pie - Very Best Baking

    This is a great recipe for a decadent dessert that everyone will enjoy. Serves 8, 1 piece equals 297 calories.

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  • <b>Eggnog</b> Bread - Very Best Baking

    Eggnog Bread - Very Best Baking

    This tastes even better the next day! Makes 1 loaf.

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  • <b>Eggnog</b> Cheese Pie with Bourbon Cream - Very Best Baking

    Eggnog Cheese Pie with Bourbon Cream - Very Best Baking

    This is a delicious pie for they holidays. With the eggnog it really makes it festival. The topping has a bourbon creamy topping. If you don't want the bourbon flavor just top with whipped...

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  • Warm Chocolate <b>Eggnog</b> - Very Best Baking

    Warm Chocolate Eggnog - Very Best Baking

    This is great for the holidays. This is made with store bought eggnog and chocolate syrup. The kids will love it too and there is no alcohol in this but that dosen't mean for adults you can...

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  • <b>Eggnog</b> Trifle with Strawberries

    Eggnog Trifle with Strawberries

    fun to make, fun to eat and fun too look at...

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