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  • <b>Dark Chocolate</b> Mousse

    Dark Chocolate Mousse

    This is a lovely dessert that can please anyone's heart easily.

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  • Sugar Free <b>Dark Chocolate</b> Brownies

    Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Brownies

    For the dark chocolate lover that is watching their waste-line or their "sugar" intake, these are yummy!

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  • <b>Chocolate</b> Layer Crumb Bars

    Chocolate Layer Crumb Bars

    A rich and creamy chocolate filling topped with delicious chocolate chunks.

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  • Marshmallow Snowmen

    Marshmallow Snowmen

    Everyone will have so much fun making Marshmallow Snowmen! This recipe is great for a fun kid activity too!

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  • <b>Chocolate</b> Crinkle-Top Cookies

    Chocolate Crinkle-Top Cookies

    Pretty and delicious, Chocolate Crinkle-Top Cookies split slightly when baking, giving them their distinctive 'crinkle-top' appearance. Tender and chocolaty--a superb cookie.

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  • Spicy <b>Chocolate</b> Soufflé Cookies

    Spicy Chocolate Soufflé Cookies

    Delight your friends and family with these spicy chocolate cookies! A perfect treat for holidays, cookie exchanges and parties, they're gluten-free and use egg whites for a soufflé-like finish.

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  • Coconut <b>Milk Chocolate</b> Cale - Very Best Baking

    Coconut Milk Chocolate Cale - Very Best Baking

    Rich, sweet, very moist .... a very delicious teat

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  • Strawberry Almond <b>Chocolate</b> Tart

    Strawberry Almond Chocolate Tart

    This gorgeous Strawberry Almond Chocolate Tart makes a beautiful presentation and it tastes wonderful! Try this for your next special event and you're sure to impress your guests.

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  • Mint <b>Chocolate</b> Dipped Brownie Bites

    Mint Chocolate Dipped Brownie Bites

    Every magnificent bite is a sheer delight. These minty, chocolately treats are the perfect size to satisfy every craving.

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  • White Chip Brownies

    White Chip Brownies

    The deep, rich, dark chocolate brownie is accented with white vanilla chips in this recipe -- a tempting taste combination.

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