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  • How to Melt <b>Chocolate</b>

    How to Melt Chocolate

    Have you ever noticed that when chocolate isn’t melted right, it tends to clump up? That’s what we call “seizing.” Here’s how to melt chocolate to creamy perfection, and how to fix...

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  • How to Make a Banana Split - Very Best

    How to Make a Banana Split - Very Best

    From your father to our founding fathers, here’s how to give three cheers to Dad and to the red, white and blue.

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  • How to Use Vinegar

    How to Use Vinegar

    Vinegar is a common ingredient when it comes to stocking the pantry shelf. A recipe multitasker, it can be used for flavoring, as a condiment, as tenderizer and as a preservative.

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  • How to Roast a Marshmallow

    How to Roast a Marshmallow

    If you like your marshmallow well-done, briefly stick it into the flame until it catches fire. Let it burn only a few seconds, until the outside is dark brown and crackled, then blow out the flame.

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