1. Start breast side down.

Place a whole raw chicken with the breasts facing down.   

2. Slice along the backbone.

Slice through the skin along the backbone.   

3. Cut the wings.

Cut off the wings at the first joint.

4. Cut around the drumsticks.

Cut around the end of each drumstick to loosen the skin from the legs.

5. Peel the skin.

Carefully peel the skin away from the chicken, starting with the cut you made at the backbone.

6. Pull away from the breastbone.

Cut or pull the skin from the breastbone.

7. Skin a single piece by grasping and pulling.

Skin a single piece of raw chicken by grasping one end of the skin firmly and pulling.

8. Cool a cooked chicken before skinning.

To skin a whole cooked chicken or a cooked chicken piece, wait until it is cool enough to handle, then pull the skin away.


The fat from chicken skin can be rendered out and used in other recipes.

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