Whether it's a snowshoe hike, a day spent sledding or hours of skating around a frozen lake, playing outdoors in winter can be hungry work. One way to prolong the fun is to pack a lunch that can easily fit in your backpack.

Let the kids carry resealable plastic bags of healthy snacks in their pockets: carrot or celery sticks, small tangerines and a generous handful of trail mix or a coconut-oat snack. That will tide them over until you decide to stop for a break. Give them each a plastic bottle of water for the other pocket.

When you finally do stop for lunch, pass around sandwich wraps and soup (a towel around the thermos will keep it extra warm). For dessert, there are the brownies and a thermos of steaming hot chocolate. Remember to pack enough heat-resistant cups for both the soup and the hot cocoa.

Bring mini-marshmallows to float in the hot cocoa.

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