How to Choose Persimmons

Choose persimmons with deep red undertones.

Look for persimmons that are round and plump.

Avoid fruits with blemishes, bruises or cracked skin and those that are missing the green leaves at the top.

Make sure the surface is glossy and smooth.

Select ripe persimmons only if you plan to eat them immediately. Otherwise, buy firmer fruits and allow them to ripen.

How to Eat Persimmons

Wash Fuyu persimmons (which look a little like a squashed tomato), remove core and leaves, and slice or eat whole.

Rinse the acorn-shaped Hachiya persimmons and slice in half. Remove seeds and spoon fruit out of skin.

Add the firm Fuyu persimmon slices to salads.

Puree Hachiya persimmon flesh and add it to drinks or fresh fruit sauces. You can also use the puree to make cookies.

How to Store Persimmons

Let Fuyu persimmons ripen for a week at room temperature, or place with an apple in a paper bag at room temperature and allow a day or two to ripen.

Let Hachiya persimmons ripen for a week at room temperature, or put in a plastic container with a few drops of brandy or rum on the sepals (the green leaves on top of persimmon). Cover and allow a few days to ripen.

Keep ripe persimmons in a plastic bag in refrigerator.

Unripe Hachiya persimmons taste very bitter and will suck all the moisture from your mouth - not very pleasant. The astringency will go away as the fruits ripen

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