Ring Around a Pumpkin
A harvest version of ring toss, it's easy to make this game with a hula hoop and a few pumpkins. Paint point values on pumpkins - 5, 10, 15, and 25 - and arrange the pumpkins with the highest point value farthest away. Players stand at a starting line and try to toss the hula hoop around a pumpkin. Each kid gets three tries, and high score wins.

Guess the Pumpkin's Weight
Select a few pumpkins of varying sizes to make a fun "carnival" game. Have kids guess how much each pumpkin weighs. Write down the guesses, then plop the pumpkins on a bathroom scale to check.

Reverse Apple Bobbing
Make sure you have enough apples for everyone. Tie strings around each apple and suspend them from ceiling or tree branch. Adjust the length of strings so apples are at mouth-level or lower. The first to eat the entire apple without using his or her hands wins!

Halloween Bowl
Use a pumpkin ball to make bowling seasonal, challenging and unpredictable. Fill five 2-liter plastic bottles with a little water to make pins. Choose small, fairly evenly-shaped pumpkins, and drill or cut-in finger holes so that they can be used as the bowling balls. Players roll the pumpkins and try to knock over as many bottles as they can. Keep score, and play as many rounds as you like - and for as long as your pumpkins hold up.

Costumes can make for clumsy guests, so clear away anything sharp or fragile and make sure everyone has enough room to play safely.

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