Mom probably makes all the meals so on her special day, give her the day off. Consider starting with breakfast in bed. Or plan a fancy Mother-Daughter Tea Party that harks back to the time when Mother's Day began on May 7, 1914.

Serve Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

There’s no better way to start the day than with a warm, homemade breakfast. Try to keep it simple, but thoughtful. It could be as easy as muffins and freshly cut-up fruit. Or go the extra step and make French toast or pancakes.

Whatever you serve, place it on a tray with coffee, orange juice, flowers and a linen napkin. If there’s room, you could even add a small gift and her favorite section of the newspaper. Tiptoe out of her room and let her relax.

Before placing the tray, re-arrange the pillows to give her back support so she’s more comfortable as she eats.

Hold a Mother-Daughter Tea Party

If your mother likes a party, invite your sisters, and/or your best girlfriends and their mothers to a tea party.

Add Ladylike Decorations

- To set the mood, play "vintage" or classical music.

- Set the table with a sheer tablecloth, your best china and silver, and of course, a fancy teapot and cups.

- Find gossamer that matches your decor and tie it in big, full bows around the back of each chair. Swag the same gossamer throughout the party room.

- Make a centerpiece of coordinating flowers and light some white candles.

Make a Tea Fit for a Queen

- Steep some tea or boil water for fruity herbal teas and serve in your fancy teapot.

- Offer milk, cream, even clotted cream if you can find it! Set out bowls of sugar, honey, and artificial sweeteners, too.

- Make finger sandwiches cut into strips, spread with a variety of fillings. For fun, see if your local bakery can tint a loaf of bread pink so you can make the sandwiches on pink bread!

- Serve plates of homemade cookies, cakes, sweet rolls and tarts to go with the teas.

Spark the Conversation

Here are two fun games to get everyone talking:

How Well Do You Know Your Mother/Daughter?: Write down questions to answer about each other, such as "What time does your mother usually get up?" "What is your daughter's favorite TV show?" ""What is your mother's favorite outfit?" "What does your daughter like to do after school?" Read the questions, have the pairs answer them on paper, then read the answers aloud to see which mother-daughter team knows one another best!

Girl Power Trivia: Write down questions about famous real and fictional girls, such as Pippi Longstocking, Cinderella, etc. You might ask, "How did Pippi Longstocking wear her hair?" or "What did Cinderella wear to the Ball?" Read the questions, see who gives the correct answer first, and award a prize to the team with the most correct answers.

Slip a photo of you and your mother in a small frame – it’s a great Mother’s Day gift.

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