• Question:

    Can I substitute butter or margarine for shortening or vice versa?

    In baked goods, butter, margarine and vegetable shortening are interchangeable (cup for cup). However, shortening should not be used in place of butter in fudge or other candy recipes.

  • Question:

    I have noticed that many of the cookie-in-a-jar recipes call for more than 4 cups of ingredients, yet they are layered into a 1-quart jar. How is this possible?

    By carefully packing down each ingredient as it is added to the jar, you can pack up to 5 1/2 cups of ingredients into a 1-quart jar. This is because the ingredients, if packed down properly in the jar, will lose volume and thus be able to fit. Careful packing is the key.

  • Question:

    How do I measure added ingredients such as morsels, nuts, coconut or raisins?

    Use a dry measuring cup and fill to the top only, not to heaping.