How We Began
Over one hundred years ago, on September 6, 1899, grocer E.A. Stuart and a fellow business partner founded the Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company in Kent, WA. It was based solely on the little-understood, relatively new process of evaporation. In 1901 his partner sold out, leaving Stuart the company and $105,000 in debt.

Stuart pressed on, believing that there was value in sanitary milk at a time when fresh milk was neither universally available nor always drinkable. As sales began to grow, E.A. Stuart searched for the perfect name for his product. Stuart passed a tobacconist's window with cigars on display around a sign proclaiming their name — CARNATION. Stuart thought it was an absurd name for a cigar, but perfect for his new milk product. Thus began America's affiliation with this familiar name and the red and white label.

Quality Products
E.A. Stuart learned as a boy on his father's farm that quality milk had to come from healthy cows. He distributed purebred bulls to the farmers who were suppliers for his factory. The offspring from these bulls were better milk producers than the cows of the previous generation. The belief that quality milk came only from quality cows eventually led Stuart to establishing his own breeding farm, known as CARNATION® Farm.

On his breeding farm, Stuart was able to continue improving the quality and production of milk from his CARNATION® cows. One cow in particular, Segis Pietertje Prospect, produced 37,381 pounds of milk during 1920. So proud was Stuart, he erected a statue of Segis Pietertje Prospect to honor this record for milk production that held top honors for 16 years. It was through such accomplishments that Stuart was able to make significant contributions to dairy science while helping to improve the world's food supply.

In 1907, the public was first introduced to the promotional phrase, "CARNATION® Condensed Milk, the Milk FROM CONTENTED COWS™." This slogan referred to the higher quality of milk that came from the happy cows grazing in the lush lands of the Pacific Northwest. CARNATION® used this slogan for decades, and it even spawned a radio variety program entitled "The Contented Hour," which featured entertainers such as Dinah Shore, Jane Powell and Burns and Allen.

CARNATION® Farm still sits 45 minutes outside of Seattle. In the Summer of 2008, it became the site for Camp Korey, serving seriously ill children free of charge with approximately 10 week-long, intensive camps during the summer months. For the rest of the year, a full complement of educational and interactive programming is held for the support groups and the scientific and medical communities serving ill children. Visit for more information.

Through The Years
Over time, CARNATION® Evaporated Milk has found its way into many of America's pantries for use in family-favorite recipes. In 1954, “Magic Crystals,” CARNATION® Instant Nonfat Dry Milk, was an immediate hit due to its fresh milk flavor when mixed with ice-cold water. In 1967, CARNATION® Fat Free Evaporated Milk was introduced and was followed in 1976 by CARNATION® Lowfat 2% Evaporated Milk. CARNATION® Sweetened Condensed Milk, the most recent member of the CARNATION® family, was introduced in 1988 and was immediately incorporated into America’s baking and confectionery recipes.

Today, CARNATION® Evaporated Milk is virtually the same high-quality product it has been since its introduction in 1899. Generations have grown up with it in their kitchens and many have literally been raised on it. It truly has become the American staple that E. A. Stuart envisioned over 100 years ago. CARNATION® Evaporated Milk is a product that we have all come to know and trust.

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